Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We provide a range of mobile bar services to cater for all types of corporate events including:

  • Product Launches

  • Corporate Parties and Events

  • Team Building Events

  • Business Launches

  • Conferences and Exhibitions

We offer a flexible format tailored to your needs and budget.  We will take the stress out of the bar service by keeping your guests refreshed and adding the sparkle to your corporate event.

Open Bar

An initial payment is taken and then running account will be kept throughout your event with any excess being paid off at the end of the event.  A full break down of all drinks purchased will be available to you.

Flexible Bar

An initial payment is taken and once this has been spent we can revert to a cash bar for the remainder of your event.

Cash Bar

Guests pays for their drinks as they go.  We provide full bar services including professional staff and a full range of drinks.

Drinks Vouchers

Give your guests a drink on you with one of our drinks vouchers which can be exchanged at the bar for a range of drinks.  Outside of the vouchers the bar would operate as a Cash Bar.

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